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About Pointer Systems

In 2004, D&D Distribution launched its own in-house brand known as Pointer Systems. Pointer Systems produces notebooks, desktop PC's, servers and storage solutions, all assembled and repaired in our internal technical department and distributed through an elaborate dealer channel in the entire country.

One of our main advantages is the diversity of our products: from a cheap desktop PC from a couple of hundred euro's, to an advanced server of thousands of euro's: our product catalog covers it all. Of course, we also deliver custom-built solutions, designed and enginered to fit the customer's needs.

Thanks to our technical and commercial know-how, extended product catalog, well-trained technical staff and excellent after-sales service, we've become a one-stop partner for all ICT needs.

Each registered dealer can become a Pointer Systems reseller. The dealer's contact information will be placed on the website, and the dealer can participate in numberious promotions and commercial actions.

Pointer Systems Business PartnerShip
To extend this partnership even further, we've developed the Pointer Systems Business Partnership. This allows the dealer to get certified as a Bronze, Silver or Gold Pointer Systems partner. Depending on know-how and turnover, the dealer can be granted certain privileges such as rebates, extended participation in promotional events and marketing activities, advanced technical support, etcetera. Click here for more information.